Welcome to Central Platte Valley Coordination Metropolitan District

Serving Denver, Colorado

The Central Platte Valley Coordination Metropolitan District (CPVCMD) was created in 2012 to serve as a “companion” district to CPVMD. CPVCMD is responsible for coordinating the operations and maintenance of the public infrastructure that was constructed by and retained in public ownership by the CPVMD. CPVMD & CPVCMD entered into a Cooperative IGA to describe the relationship between the Districts. These items include the Millennium Bridge, the Union Gateway Bridge, the 16th Street Plaza, the 17th Street Gardens (Wewatta to Chestnut Place) and 16th Street Plaza, two landscaped medians in Wewatta between 16th and 18th Streets and all back of curb street furniture and landscaping improvements (trees, planter pots, benches, pedestrian lights and fossil filters) within CPVMD.


Schedule: First Tuesday of Each Month (Regular meetings are subject to cancellation; Special Meetings may be called and held as needed)

Time: 9:00 a.m.

Place: Online via Microsoft Teams 


Board of Directors



Amy Cara

Term Expires: 2023


Derrick Walker

Term Expires: 2025

Assistant Secretary

Lindsay Belluomo

Term Expires: 2023

Assistant Secretary

Michael Geiger

Term Expires: 2023

Assistant Secretary


Term Expires: 2025


2022 Meetings


District Manager: Anna Jones (Anna.Jones@claconnect.com)

Assistant District Manager: Shauna D'Amato (Shauna.DAmato@claconnect.com)

District Administrator:  Rachel Alles (