Welcome to the Central Platte Valley Metropolitan District

Serving Denver, Colorado

The Central Platte Valley Metropolitan District (CPVMD) was established to provide for the design, construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of certain street, safety protection, water, sanitation, and parks and recreation improvements, in compliance with its service plan, which was approved by the City Council on January 30, 1998,  revised on March 9, 1998, and amended again on September 28, 2000. CPVMD's service area is located entirely within the City and County of Denver (CCD), generally bounded by Little Raven Street to the West, 20th Street to the North, Wewatta Street to the East, and Cherry Creek to the South.

CPV Composite Map - 08-2019.png


Schedule: First Tuesday of Each Month (Regular meetings are subject to cancellation; Special Meetings may be called and held as needed)
Time: 9:00 a.m.

Location: Virtual via Microsoft Teams 


Board of Directors



Amy Cara

Term Expires: 2023


Josh Fine

Term Expires: 2025

Assistant Secretary

Lindsay Belluomo

Term Expires: 2023

Assistant Secretary

Jay Lambiotte

Term Expires: 2025

Assistant Secretary

Derrick Walker
Term Expires: 2025

2022 Meeting Documents

Meeting Date
June 7, 2022
6-7-22 Agenda
6-7-22 Packet
Pending Approval
May 3, 2022
5-3-22 Agenda
5-3-22 Packet
5-3-22 Minutes
April 5, 2022
4-5-22 Agenda
4-5-22 Packet
4-5-22 Minutes
March 1, 2022
3-1-22 Agenda
3-1-22 Packet
3-1-22 Minutes
February 1, 2022
2-1-22 Agenda
2-1-22 Packet
2-1-22 Minutes
January 13, 2022
1-13-22 Agenda
1-13-22 Packet
1-13-22 Minutes


District Manager: Anna Jones (Anna.Jones@claconnect.com)

Assistant District Manager: Shauna D'Amato  (Shauna.DAmato@claconnect.com)
District Administrator: Rachel Alles (Rachel.Alles@claconnect.com)